JEDSN mourns the passing of Mrs. Mellodene Henry-Davy

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am still in disbelief that our beloved Mrs. Mellodene Henry-Davy has left us so suddenly. However, while still reeling from her untimely death, I would like to offer a eulogy for her.

As Professor, I was privileged to have had Mellodene in several of my classes as she pursued a Masters’ Degree in Educational Leadership at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut, USA. In all, she proved herself as an excellent student, demonstrating very high scholastic and intellectual abilities. Not only am I familiar with Mellodene’s work, I have heard many positive comments from other professors about her impressive academic performance, intrinsic motivation, organizational skills, empathetic nature, creativity, and supportive dispositions! As observed in my classes, colleagues admired her genuine interest in helping others and felt very comfortable in approaching her for both academic advice and social-emotional support. Indeed, I had been extremely impressed with the quality of Mellodene's work in every situation.

The last email I received from Mellodene was about the CCSU alumni, especially with regards to the difficulties in getting members to attend alumni meetings. Therefore, my challenge to all CCSU alumni is to respect the wishes of Mellodene by endeavoring to attend meetings and to move both the Eastern and Western Jamaica Chapters of the CCSU Alumni forward.

For record purposes, Mellodene was more than an advocate. She was, indeed, an activist. She had a very active mind and a great thirst for knowledge. Her voice was one of the loudest in championing the cause for the CCSU Annual Professional Development Conference in Jamaica! Vividly, I remember one of her comments, “Prof (as she used to address me), after the master’s degree, what’s next….CCSU should not abandon us....Once a while Central should organize seminars or professional development programs on cutting edge research and a doctoral program as well….Let me tell you, Prof, most us would prefer to get our doctorate degree from CCSU to getting it elsewhere…Prof, you and others should do something about our requests….” At last, for the past five years, the annual professional development has made it mark and the doctoral program is about to commence! I wished she were around to be part of the doctoral program.

Dear Mellodene (I speak as though she could hear me), please note that if death would take money, we would have given great value to spare you! However, we believe God knows best and we are confident that you are resting comfortably in His mighty arms; and may you continue to rest in eternal peace. May God continue to comfort your husband and children (Mr. Englis Davy, Ava, and Ajani), extended family members, the EJC, and the entire CCSU community.

Fondly remembered.
With love & prayers.
Olusegun Sogunro, Ph.D
Professor of Educational Leadership
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut, USA